Hertzklang – Twilight

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Hertzklang – Twilight, is the soundtrack of an Audio and Visual, sound meditation/sound healing
DVD which promotes deep relaxation, healing, sound sleep, energizing and positive
vibrations for body and mind. More info soon!

Used frequencies and sounds:

To induce harmony, meditative and dreaming states of mind, twilight was recorded in 432Hz, and
includes 3.4Hz Delta Brain Wave Binaural Beats on a 80Hz carrier tone (L80Hz – R83.4Hz).
432Hz – harmony, energy, healing
80Hz – awareness and guidance
3.4Hz – sound sleep

Recorded between 2018 and 2019 in Berlin, Germany
Released June 29, 2019/ Mind Plug Records / MPR32

More info:

Hertzklang – Twilight – Video