Hertzklang – Presence


Hertzklang – “Presence”, is the soundtrack of an upcoming audio and visual, sound
meditation & healing DVD, featuring images of Buddha from around Asia combined with
binaural beats psycho acoustic tones and healing frequencies.

Used frequencies and sounds:

The soundtrack includes 3.5Hz delta waves binaural beats on a 40Hz carrier tone
(L40Hz – R43.5Hz), and 4.5 theta waves binaural beats on a 80Hz carrier tone
(L80Hz – R84.5Hz). Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drones,
spherical ambient layers and ethereal voices.
40Hz – relaxed body/focused mind
3.5Hz – feeling of oneness and unity
80Hz – awareness and guidance
4.5Hz – dream states, shamanic state of consciousness

Cover artwork by Amriti:

„After working for many years as artist, art therapist and outreach director for RAW ART WORKS,
a non-profit studio-based art therapy organization, Julie Amriti engaged in yogic studies in India.
Her path also included study with traditional healers and integrative doctors in the US, India,
Central and South America, achieving a synergy between ancient healing traditions and modern
integrative medicines. She is currently also offering intuitive and practical body-oriented therapies.“


Recorded between 2019 and 2020 in Berlin
Released February 5, 2020 / Mind Plug Records / MPR35

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