Hertzklang/Henri Falk – Fractal Dimension

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Fractal Dimension is the first in a series of planned releases by collaborating artists
Hertzklang and Henri Falk.

For some time now, the two artists have been performing contemplative soundscapes
together at events that also incorporated slow-movement meditation inspired by
Yoga, Tai Chi, Butho dance and other Eastern practices.

Fractal Dimension presents their revived and individually crafted interpretations of one
such live set, resulting in two dense and hypnotic drone-driven pieces with elements of
noise, lush pads, binaural beats, healing frequencies and textural layers of field recordings.

Used frequencies and sounds:

Soundscape includes,  6 Hz Theta isochronic pulse, 432Hz, 528Hz and 80Hz Sine Waves,
white noise, rain sound, aeroplane noise, drones and ambient layers.
6Hz – internal focus, meditation, spiritual awareness
80Hz – awareness and guidance
432Hz – harmony, energy, healing
528Hz – love, healing, transformation
white noise –  focus, concentrate, meditate, falling a sleep

Recorded between 2019 and 2020 in Berlin
Released March 10, 2020 / Mind Plug Records / MPR36

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