Hertzklang – Delta Waves – Isochronic Pulse


Delta Waves (0.5-4.0Hz) are the slowest brainwaves and associated with deep,
non-dreaming sleep and unconsciousness. Delta Waves are very relaxing
and can help you fall asleep easily, they are also the source of
empathy, healing, regeneration, and longevity.

Delta Waves are found in babies before they are born and in the first months
of their life. They are also present before we die, and have been recorded
to be active even some minutes after a person’s death. For that reason,
some people believe that delta brain waves provide access to the
collective unconscious which is the gateway to the cosmic
unconscious, the universal mind of the universe (God).


Headphones are not required, however, the effect will increase by using them.

This free download is for all people who are not into sound creation, but still
want to experiment with the benefits of listening to those frequencies.

You can play the sound in the background to any music you like,
just listen or meditate on the pure tones.

These recordings are not a universal remedy and should be used as a
supplementary tool to harmonize body and mind only. If you have
any kind of serious healthproblems, please refer to your
doctor and appropriate medical treatment.

Released June 13, 2019/ Mind Plug Records / MPR30

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