Hertzklang – Compassion

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Hertzklang – Compassion is the first release from a series of recordings which focus on positive
affirmations and healing frequencies to raise your vibrations, calm and strengthen your mind.

Affirmations recited by: Lee Lester and Ariya 

Lee Lester, British-born, Berlin-based mindfulness Advocate who encourages authentic internal
and external communication through guided meditation,mindfulness and moving image.
He currently guides weekly meditations forindividuals and organizations and
is working to bring mindfulness and compassion into the workplace. .

Ariya, is a long-time practitioner of Buddhist insight meditation, dedicated to the path of
compassion and awakening. She is recently engaged in terminal care, and also
enjoyspainting lovely thangkas occasionally.

Used affirmations:

Peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, faith;
I am a kind and generous person; I always speak from the heart; I am a loving and compassionate person;
Every time I smile, I spread positive energy into the world; Everyone in the world, myself included,
is deserving of compassion and understanding; Being compassionate helps me to be a more peaceful,
happy person; I am committed to helping those in need; I am loving and compassionate to myself and others;
I am gentle with myself and others; I am always willing to share my abundance with the world; As I give,
I receive; Compassion naturally flows from the heart of my inner being; I always treat my family with kindness
and love; Helping others gives me immense pleasure; All that I give to others comes back to me multifold;
Being generous is one of the top priorities in my life

Used frequencies and sounds:

639Hz – compassion and love
111Hz – beta endorphins, cell regeneration
108HZ – total knowing
55hz – tantric yoga
8.0Hz – mind/body balance, inner-awareness
7.83HZ – earth pulse (Schumann resonance) improving mood,
boost immune system, concentration and creativity
4.0Hz – memory increase, focus & learning
2.0Hz – nerve regeneration, relaxing
1.0Hz – well-being, harmony & balance
brown noise – focus, meditate, sleep, tinnitus treatment
4.5Hz – dream states, shamanic state of consciousness

Recorded between 2019 and 2020 in Berlin
Released November 6, 2019 / Mind Plug Records / MPR34

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