Hertzklang – 7.83Hz


The Earth’s pulsation of 7.83Hz, was discovered in 1954 by German physicist and
Professor W.O. Schumann. The Rishis (“old sages”) know it as the frequency of OM.

Listening to 7.83Hz, can help to stimulate alpha/theta brainwaves, re-charge the
body, boost immune system, improving mood, concentration and creativity.


Headphones are not required, however, the effect will increase by using them.

This free download is for all people who are not into sound creation, but still
want to experiment with the benefits of listening to those frequencies. You
can play the sound in the background to any music you like, just listen or
meditate on the pure tones.

These recordings are not a universal remedy and should be used as a
supplementary tool to harmonize body and mind only. If you have
any kind of serious health problems, please refer to your
doctor and appropriate medical treatment.

Released March 23, 2019/ Mind Plug Records / MPR28

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